One Language  …  For One wORld
(and beyond)


“This world may not-yet be ready for such a thing.  But such a thing should be ready for when that day comes.”

~The Founder

What Is It?




| The Common Tonguehe term“The Common Tongue” is not new…  Nor is the concept.  The term has been used over-and-over in many stories — throughout history — to refer to, “a common language”  (or at least a dialect of one)  which is used to communicate between the people of a world — where-in each group  (race, nationality, etc.)  has it’s own native language — but needs to communicate with others, for many various reasons:  travel, trade & commerce, science, politics — or simply — for the sharing of ideas.




| The Common Tongueor the world that we-all are living in presently — “The Common Tongue” has become  (and has been, for longer than any presently living human has been alive)…  What is known to us as:  The English Language




| The Common Tongues a teacher of English as a foreign language — it has become quite clear to me, that people want to learn The English Language, for a number of reasons.


| The Common Tonguehe “version” of English that most people want to learn is what is usually referred-to as:  “American English”.  Additionally — the accent that most people would like to learn — the one that is easiest to comprehend for MOST people throughout the world, is what is referred-to as:  “General American”.  This is  (in the most-mundane way)  the foundation of “The Common Tongue Project”.


| The Common Tonguen-other-words — the form of the language which those throughout the world very-much desire to learn  (and even the language itself)  has very-little to do with the country & the people of “England”…  For-which the language has been named.




Why Change The Name?




| The Common Tonguene of the original inspirations for this project came from witnessing & experiencing the divisiveness, and the petty bickering between people (mostly teachers & so-called “educators”), about which “form” of English is “correct”, and about all the various things that those of differing opinion are doing wrong.  Interestingly — this fight only seems to be between the British & the Americans.


| The Common Tonguehose on the British side of the fight bicker about how they think that Americans mis-pronounce some words — but then they  (The British)  neglect the use of necessary articles before nouns — and are, for some reason, very-against pronouncing the letter “r” in most places, but very-much do in others.


| The Common Tonguehile — on-the-other-hand — the Americans complain about the British being pompous & proud — yet can not seem to figure-out how to properly use of The Present-Perfect Tense, and seem quite determined to completely destroy the language through using words improperly and changing the spellings to make it easier to text…  Or maybe it is an attempt to be “creative”  (like Prince would do on his album covers).  Most-likely, it is simply the result of a VERY poor education.




| The Common Tongueecause of these things — I no-longer wish to say that I speak “English”.  Or even “American English”.  Nor do I wish to say that I speak “International English”  (as I once did)  because it is not true.  I speak very differently than the people of “England”.  And even my friends back in The USA, say that I “talk funny”  (because I enunciate my words and use proper grammatical sentence-structure.)


| The Common Tonguehough it has been considered a stereo-typically stupid and “redneck” thing to say, “I speak American” — or “Why don’t you learn to speak American!”  (which is never actually meant as a question)  —  I have come to believe that each country SHOULD have it’s own name for it’s dialect of English.  And not just saying:  “British-English” (which is redundant), or “American-English”, “Irish-English”, “Autralian-English”.  All of those terms are grammatically & logically WRONG!  It is like saying “Chicken-Steak”.  (If it is “Chicken” then it is not a “Steak”.  And if it is a “Steak”, then it can not be “Chicken”).


| The Common Tongueet the Americans speak “American” — let the people of England speak “English” — the Irish can speak “Irish” — and the Aussies speak “Australian” (or whatever term each nation chooses for themselves.)  But the problem is — each dialect is filled with more mistakes than what they actually do properly!  So to correct that…


Let There Be A “Common Tongue”

A Common Language Used Between ALL Nations…

But Not Ascribed To Any One Nation Alone


[For that-which is known-as the “English” language has very-little to do with the language of “The Angles” — and is made-up-of elements from ALL the languages of all the nations and cultures which the English empire dominated, subjugated, influenced, and was influenced by…  Which is actually why it is the perfect base for “The Common Tongue”…  it already is that!]



But, Let Us Correct The Mistakes That Are Presently So Abundant — And Replace The Language With

A Higher Form Of Itself…




  • Differences Of Dialect Are Accepted & Welcomed  —  (and not regarded as “wrong” or improper…  Unless they truly are.  But, not simply based on someone’s opinion)
  • Names Of Places & Terms Which Are Borrowed & Assimilated From Other Languages & Dialects Are Pronounced As-Closely-As-Possible To The Original (inspiration: Alex Trebek)
  • Pronunciation (of non-foreign words) Is As-Free-As-Possible From Regional Dialect (making it easier to communicate across nations and cultures)


[And these are just a few examples]




Language IS Magic…


With it — We affect & Change The wORld Around Us


The way that language has been used — up-to-now — is a’kin to letting children run with scissors & play with fire…  (At the same time!)

Is it not time to recognize this — to use language properly — and to teach it in a way that can ACTUALLY change the wORld For The Betterment Of ALL

(Rather than for it’s destruction)?




“Be Excellent To Each Other”
~ Ted “Theodore” Logan



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The Common Tongue